Within the concept, we distinguish two main zones: in the front lower part of the plot closer to the coast – a hotel with apartments and in the rear upper part of the plot – typical villas.
The main entrance to the hotel complex with apartments is planned via a drop-off zone that separates from the local road that separates the lower and upper zones of the plot. There are pedestrian and vehicular access. Kolski leads to the car lift that goes down to the underground floors of the hotel – the garage. Pedestrian access is from the promenade, which is a complex of ramps, landings and paths, and is enhanced by ambient greenery. From the hotel reception, which is located on the first floor, strategically positioned vertical and horizontal communications lead to complementary facilities, a restaurant and a spa center located on the ground floor. In the extension of the restaurant is located a restaurant terrace, as well as a swimming pool with a view of the sea.
When it comes to underground facilities, the garage houses equipment and services, which are connected to each other by internal vertical communication with other public facilities. The pool equipment is located next to the pool itself and is accessed directly from the garage.
From the hotel to the hill, terraced apartment-type accommodation units, each with a view of the sea, line up. It is positioned above the local road that crosses the urban planning zone in question are typical villas with their own facilities, integrated so that the buildings do not interfere with each other’s precious views towards the sea.

PROJECTS: Concept design