Kabala For, tourist complex



The Kabala For is a luxurious 5* tourist complex on the Luštica peninsula near the Austro-Hungarian fortification Kabala. The complex consists of:
The Central hotel which due to accessing road is divided into the upper and lower blocks. It includes a reception lobby and all accompanying facilities, also the mini lobby for the upper block, access to the congress center that develops on the floor above. The hotel has a capacity of 117 units. The dominant position in the composition of the hotel has the fortress Kabala, which is surrounded by pine trees helps successfully to preserve the spirit of the place.
Hotel 2 – apartments are making functional units with a central hotel. Accommodation of 66 units is the dominant purpose in this part of the complex, apartments on the first floor have an infinity swimming pool.
Rent a pool villa – a complex of 17 villas with a pool and parking lot.
13 of them are designed as double villas, with a common staircase that provides the main entrances to the buildings – individual villas, and four of them are individual villas designed in a similar manner.
Marina – with the capacity of 53 berths for 8-20m longboats and external berths for 20-24m longboat.
Infinity swimming pool – covers the area of 10x30m2connected to decking and restaurant.

INVESTOR: ADOC d.o.o. Beograd

PROJECTS: Concept design

AREA: Hotel: 14 950m2 Hotel2: 8 990m2 Villas: 325m2 *17 Marina capacity: 53 berths Total: 29 915m2