The planned purpose of the subject building is a residential-business building.
On the ground floor, behind the portico with colonnades, there are business and sales premises. The ground floor has a floor height of 5m. On the ground floor, on the side of the vehicular traffic, there are also the main entrances to the apartment facilities, organized into two vertical cores consisting of a passenger elevator and a stair core. On the ground floor, next to the main entrance, there are positions with a porter, and positions with a rest area, where there are mailboxes and the like.
From the mentioned road at the beginning of the plot UP 2-11, there is a ramp that leads to the underground garage, which extends under the entire complex. The floor height of the underground level is 3.2m, and 57 parking spaces have been created, of which 6 spaces are for people with special needs.
On the higher floors, there are apartment units, from one-room to five-room (the number of rooms implies the number of bedrooms).

PROJECTS: Concept design

AREA: 7.105 m2